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What is the Student Ambassador Program?
The Student Ambassador program is a dedicated group of SVCTE students who represent/promote campus programs and assist future students and their families through:
  • Campus tours
  • School presentations
  • Public events
Develop the following professional skills for future career opportunities:
  • Public Speaking
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Leadership
    • Earn community service hours
    • Receive a certificate of program completion
    • CSU East Bay Invitational
Throughout the year, your role as a Student Ambassador will encompass the following:
  1. Tours - Guide visitors on a tour of the SVCTE campus and inform them about the programs.
  2. Public Relations Support - Assist with social media input by taking class photos, writing articles, memos, and testimonials. Also, serve as a liaison between home school & SVCTE.
  3. Presentations - Assist with presenting SVCTE information & personal testimonials during scheduled school presentations, information tables, and community events.
SVCTE Student Ambassador Registration 2023-2024

SVCTE Student Ambassador Registration 2023-2024

Katherine Williams