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UC "a-g" Course Approval

These 21 courses have been UC “a-g" approved. Of the 30 credits earned during the school year, 10 credits (5/semester; 10 = 1 year for UC/CSU) in the following courses may be reported on a student’s application for admission to any UC or CSU.
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SVCTE Course Name UC "a-g" Course Name UC "a-g" Approval
Animation Animation "f" — Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)
Construction Technology Construction Technology Mathematics I "c" — Mathematics – Math I
Cybersecurity Cybersecurity "g" — College prep elective/Mathematics - Computer Science
Dental Assisting Dental Assisting "g" — College prep elective/Science - Integrated Science
Electrical Maintenance Electrical Maintenance "c" — Mathematics – Math I
Electrical Vehicles/Automotive Services Electrical Vehicles/Automotive Services "d" — Science/Physics OR "g" — College prep elective/Science - Physical Science
Fashion Design and Textile Art Fashion Design and Textile Art "f" — Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)
Film and Video Production Film and Video Production "f" — Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)
Fire Science/First Responder Fire Science I "d" — Science/Chemistry
Forensic Science Forensic Sciences "d" — Science/Interdisciplinary Sciences
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) "c" — Mathematics – Math I
Law Enforcement Law Enforcement "g" — College prep elective/Social Science
Mechatronics Engineering Mechatronics Engineering "d" — Science/Physics
Medical Assisting Medical Assistant - Clinical "g" — College prep elective/Science - Biology/Life Sciences
Medical Science/Health Careers Medical Science/Health Careers "d" — Science/Interdisciplinary Sciences OR "g" — College prep elective/Science - Biology/Life Sciences
Metals Technology: Applied Mathematics in Fabricated Design Metals Technology "c" — Mathematics - Geometry OR "g" — College prep elective/Interdisciplinary
Mobile App Design & Computer Coding Mobile Application Development "g" — College prep elective – Mathematics – Computer Science
Nursing Careers Nursing Careers "d" — Science/Biology/Life Sciences OR "g" — College prep elective/Interdisciplinary
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technician "g" — College prep elective/Interdisciplinary
Sports Medicine & Kinesiology Sports Medicine & Kinesiology "d" — Science/Biology/Life Sciences
Veterinary Science Integrated Animal Science "d" — Science/Interdisciplinary Sciences